mybatis 3.5.14 API

The MyBatis data mapper framework makes it easier to use a relational database with object-oriented applications.
Contains all the annotation that are used in mapper interfaces.
Binds mapper interfaces with mapped statements.
Base package for the Configuration building code.
Parses annotions to create a Configuration.
Parses XML files to create a Configuration.
Base package for caching stuff.
Contains cache decorators.
Contains the default cache implementation.
Base package for cursor feature.
Default implementation for cursor feature.
Base package for Datasources.
JNDI Datasource factory.
Simple single-thread pooled datasource.
Hyper-simple Datasource.
Base package for exceptions.
Contains the statement executors.
Contains the key generators.
Base package for loading results into beans.
CGLIB proxy factory.
Javassist proxy factory.
Base package for handling parameters.
Contains the result handlers.
Contains the result processing logic.
Statement handlers.
Utilities to read resources.
Utilities for JDBC.
Java Language Package.
Base package for logging.
logger using Commons Logging feature.
Logging proxies that logs any JDBC statement.
logger using JDK logging feature.
logger using Log4J feature.
logger using Log4J 2 feature.
logger for no operation.
logger using SLF4J feature.
logger using standard out.
Base package for mapping.
Parsing utils.
Base package for handing plugins.
Reflection utils.
Object factory.
Tools for getting/setting properties.
Object wrappers.
Base package for languages.
Default beans for languages.
Default XML MyBatis language.
Base package.
Default impl for SqlSession.
Base package for transactions.
JDBC transaction.
External transaction.
Type handlers.